Someone much smarter than I once said….’The only constant in life is change.’ And so it goes.

Anita Margarita™ is changing once again. After serving thousands and thousands of individually made margaritas at the original restaurant in Tinley Park, IL... after producing an all natural, fresh version of the mix and selling it at the Farmers Markets… we have arrived at something completely different.

In 2014, look for Anita Margarita™ all-natural powdered mix. This mix has no artificial ingredients and can be made fresh for your event. And since there are oranges in the mix, you don’t even need Triple Sec unless, of course, you want to!

We use all natural lemon, lime, and orange in our mix and only use agave nectar for the sweetener. Since agave is the same plant that produces tequila, the blend couldn’t be smoother. All you add is tequila and your own water. You can make up a pitcher of fresh margaritas in a minute. You can enjoy on the spot or pour the mix into a sealable container and take it to the beach, on a picnic, or down the street for a neighborhood barbecue. It is the freshest margarita you can buy.

So check back with us over the next month or so for locations that carry Anita Margarita™!

- Anita Margarita™

‘Changing The World… One Margarita At A Time’